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    Epoxy Coating Specialists works in a wide range of industrial flooring markets. Each of these markets have specific requirements in terms of floor traffic and mechanical wear, chemical resistance, … [Continue Reading]

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    Epoxy Coating Specialists specializes in installing and applying anything from light-weight, epoxy coatings to heavy-duty epoxy flooring systems appropriate for the most demanding industrial … [Continue Reading]

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    Every day thousands of spectators flock to sports stadiums and sports arena venues to watch live sports and entertainment. Many environments within a sports venue use concrete as base flooring … [Continue Reading]

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    Create great retail customer experiences Retail floors have to be tough to endure the heave traffic they bear. They don’t have to hard on the eyes, though, and that’s where Epoxy Coating … [Continue Reading]

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    Schools and universities house students, teachers and support staff with the goal of providing students the best learning environment possible. Many of them struggle with existing flooring in … [Continue Reading]

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    Renewing Industrial and Manufacturing Environments In our experience, industrial and manufacturing clients demand epoxy floors that can readily withstand heavy machinery, significant weight impact, … [Continue Reading]

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Seamless epoxy floors for commercial and industrial applications


Epoxy Coating Specialists, Inc., best kept secret in Wichita

Epoxy Coating Specialists, Inc., best kept secret in Wichita...

Epoxy Coating Specialists, Inc., serving Wichita, Western Kansas and Oklahoma Wichita-born Rick Bynorth will tell you that Epoxy Coating Specialists, Inc.[...]

Case Study

New Epoxy Floor Enhances Food Pantry in Historic Fire Station

New Epoxy Floor Enhances Food Pantry in Historic Fire Station

Metropolitan Lutheran Ministry’s new epoxy floor was installed by Epoxy Coating Specialists in 2013, as part of the company’s community[...]


Installer of Industrial Polymer Floors

Installer of Industrial Polymer Floors

ECS has more than 30 years of Fortune 500 level expertise in seamless polymer flooring Epoxy Coating Specialists (ECS) provides a[...]